Asiya Naqvi

(an unusual and a blatant poet)


part 1 

She was always close to all the sounds of farewell.
She decided that she'll never see off anybody as she had numbed her ears with the whistling sound of engines and that eerie sound of taking off .

"Are you sure? you won't see me off? " he said .
"Pardon "
"Would you be able to pardon yourself? he was agitated.
 (She was happy that she could frame rules at least for herself ).

Part 2 kiddish !!
Switching off and on of fan,light and television will not change anything .you cannot have a controlling remote everywhere.
"Pardon please"
"GOD should pardon you! rotten sneak."
She smiled.
I can still control something.
(She switched off her ringing mobile)

Part 3

"It turned red . "
How I love red ! (Sighs)
"We will not reach there on time,you moron."
"You better pardon yourself."
She laughed and held her breath.
(Smile was smothered and silence survived)

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