Poems : Asiya

(an unusual and a blatant poet)

Of memory

I watched it from distance though
It was connected to me.
It gazed, ogled, snapped and stared-
With ascending sun, it shattered
With darkening night, it sharpened.

I smelled it from distance and yet it was in me-
every fragment detached, isolated,
still entangled in me.

I puked, perspired, sneezed, and bled
but inside me it grew and clouded my brain.
in unconscious state,it got blurred.
with clinging restlessness, it ignited.

the sense lingered in me-
Itching, tickling,pinching and freezing.

the sense,i heard , from distance
echoing in me.
It yelled, whimmed and whipped.

the nailed coffin in which it died,
the detached soul like which it swayed.

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