Poems - Sanskriti Bhardwaj

Sanskriti Bhardwaj 
(The first concrete thing I wrote down was back in the 6th grade. That poem somehow just happened. The words rhymed, my exact emotions seeped into those phrases, in merely a few minutes my thoughts were etched on a sheet of paper, staring right back at me. And since then one thing or the other has somehow found a way to inspire me into writing them. Poems and Stories, have thus become something through which I can express the inexpressible.)

Life is Life

A thread to be held-
Life it is.
Mark my words.

In labyrinths,
you walk
In puzzles,
you reply.
In mist,
you see.
In brutality
you feel shy.

You call life a bird-but cage one in your tree.

You say, you see well
yet your vision gets blurred.
You know how to speak
yet you are at loss of words.

Secrets wait to be uncovered
even the buried capstone shimmers.
They look for you
and yet you hide from your true lovers.


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